Renovation windows

Renovo profile is broadly used in house renovations and is perfect for buildings built of sandwich-structured composites. Special uPVC edgings (with a thickness of 35 mm and 65 mm) installed in the inner side of the window are an exclusive feature of these windows. We manufacture such windows not only because of increased demand to renovate houses and buildings but also because of increasing popularity of construction of sandwich-structured composites. Our windows have long been used by most of Scandinavian construction companies. When installing the windows in a niche from the indoor side uPVC edgings cover the inner embrasure edge. Therefore you will not need the interior finish but anyway will have a nice view. We can also offer masking corners to be installed from the outdoor side. Such solution reduces costs of indoor and outdoor finish, helps to save time and money.
These special windows are broadly used in construction of trading centers, industrial and commercial buildings, camping cabins and other objects built of sandwich-structured composites.

These windows are broadly used during renovation of old and even historical buildings because thanks to a specially shaped profile the windows can be mounted without removing frames of old windows. Thus the consumers will be able to do work much faster, will avoid dust formation and deformation of walls. Double-glazed or triple-glazed glazing units with selective glasses can be integrated in windows. Decorative strips perfectly reflecting a Scandinavian design of windows can be inserted in the glazing units.
We also adapt and manufacture various louver and roller blinds for these windows.

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