When building a house it is very important to make a right choice of windows. As better insulating properties of uPVC windows, as smaller are heating costs.

This is why it is worth to buy our windows!

Technical properties of the window frame are one of the most important factors ensuring a good thermal resistance, soundproof insulation and stability of the window. Therefore we supply our windows with a rigid steel reinforcement installed in a frame of six chambers with a thickness of even 80 mm. Thus, the customers should not doubt about their choice even when they require large products. To meet the top thermal and rigidity parameters of the hinged window part we manufacture the window panel from a profile with a thickness of 90 mm. Thanks to the maximum size of air gaps (chambers) we have significantly improved thermal and soundproofing insulating properties of the window.
Through years of practice we know that most of consumers complain about cold that forms between the window and the windowsill. After many years we have found a solution.
A specially widened profile designed for mounting under windowsill is supplied with an insulation tape inserted between the profile and the frame. This solution will ensure tightness between the window and the windowsill. It is impossible to adapt this solution in the systems of thinner windows. Therefore other manufacturers are unable to offer this solution to their customers.
A thickness of a glazing unit and a number of selective glasses are those factors that mostly influence the properties of a heat-retaining window. A glazing unit makes the biggest area of the window. Thus as thicker is the unit, as better is the window resistance. The customers who buy windows with a triple-glazing unit (with a thickness of 24-36 mm) installed in thinner window frames waste their money because in terms of warmth such windows are equivalent to our windows with double-glazing units. Since the customers are unaware about this trick of the manufacturers they pay more money, but the final result is the same in both cases. We are the market participants with more than ten years of experience. Therefore we value our reputation and do not use such tricks.

For a standard window glazing we use double-glazing units with a thickness of 24 mm. All manufacturers do the same.

Our customers can choose an exclusive window glazing, i.e. especially thick glazing unit (44 cm) installed in the window panel with a thickness of 90 mm. Such units have even two heat-retaining selective glasses. Whereas in the window panel with a thickness of less than 90 mm we can install only glazing unit with a thickness not exceeding 36 mm.

Heat-retaining uPVC frames installed in glazing units further improve thermal properties of windows and reduce condensation because they prevent formation of thermal bridges.

uPVC windows are long-term investment. Therefore it is important to know about their operation and maintenance.

Since a life expectancy of uPVC windows is very long, replaceable gaskets, that play a very important role in assurance of thermal and soundproofing insulation of the window, are a really significant advantage. Therefore we use easy to change gaskets in our windows. The replaced gaskets will create an impression of newly installed windows.
Window fittings play an important role in operation of windows. Therefore we install bindings of famous German manufacturer ROTO in our windows. The bindings of this brand ensure a long-term functionality of uPVC windows. You can choose from various accessories for these fittings: anti-housebreaking, gradual ventilation, etc.

A quality surface of uPVC profile is resistant to atmospheric effects and is easy to clean.
The internal chambers of profiles are made of unprocessed PVC to ensure rigidity and durability of our windows. Therefore our guarantee for uPVC profiles is valid even ten years.

Our windows are characterised by an optimal ratio between thermal and aesthetic properties. A thick and heat-retaining profile of window panel with a thickness of even 90 mm creates an impression of luxury and a lowered side profile with a thickness of 11 cm covers a smaller area of glass. For this reason the customers can enjoy a maximum flush of light.
A broad chart of colours and colour combinations will allow you to adapt the windows both to the house facade and to the interior design.

Please note! Blinds (roller blinds)and are very often used in uPVC windows (where two parts of fabric slide together at one time). Due to too narrow window-strips inside the windows those parts of fabric get stuck. This occurs particularly in the windows with triple-glazing units because significantly narrower window-strips are used in such windows. For this reason there is not enough space available for sliding of fabric. We have addressed this problem by installing wider window-strips in a thicker window profile to create enough of space for sliding of roller blinds.

We use the latest technologies in manufacture of our windows. Thus we contribute to preservation of the nature.
uPVC profile of our windows does not contain lead and heavy metals. Therefore it is fully recyclable.

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Colour chart

Thanks to coloured uPVC windows everyone will be able to implement the projects of unusual design and to take in account regional peculiarities. Here you will find all available colours of EFFECT uPVC windows (Please note! Computer monitor can slightly distort a real colour).

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