Wooden windows

We offer timber windows and doors for people who value naturalness, comfort and exclusive interior. Only timber products allow maintaining a right balance of moisture in the room. Thanks to timber windows and doors you will avoid condensation of moisture in the rooms and your windows will not become misted because timber windows and doors “breath” and help to maintain a proper relative indoor humidity. However it is not easy to make a right choice of timber windows and doors because wrongly processed timber gradually deforms and for this reason windows and doors become permeable. We carefully select a quality timber for manufacture of our windows thus ensuring satisfaction of the highest customer requirements. We use a certified timber, binding and fittings of reliable German manufacturers only. We use a three-layered laminated beam thus ensuring a particular resistance to deformation. Therefore our products do not tend to bend and crack over time, even when installed in the structures exposed to very heavy load. We store timber in well ventilated, dry premises because exposure to excessively high humidity results in deterioration of timber quality and durability of its products. In manufacture of our products we use binding and fittings of reputed German manufacturers only. The certificate ISO 9001 guarantees a strict control of product quality.

Timber doors

Outwards and inwards hinged or sliding doors.
We glaze the doors with double or triple glaze units with selective glasses in 68 and 78 mm frames.
Please note that we also manufacture large scale sliding systems with a size of up to 4000×2500 mm.

Thermal properties of windows and doors:
Approximately 60% of thermal properties of the window depend on the glazing unit because it makes the biggest area of the window. Therefore it is important to use as thicker glazing units as possible. In order to increase a thermal factor of the window by integrating triple-glazed units we have thickened window frames and panels.

Double-glazed unit (24 mm)
4-16-4*PU ( U value 1.1 )
3 glazed unit  (36 mm)
4*PU-14-4-14*PU (U value0.6)
Panel thickness Frame thickness Panel thickness Frame thickness
Euro window
(inwards hinged)
68 mm 68 mm 78 mm 78 mm
Windows of Scandinavian type
(outwards hinged)
115 mm 68 mm 115 mm 78 mm
Balcony door 68 mm 68 mm 78 mm 78 mm
Euro type turn-up-sliding doors 68 mm 68 mm 78 mm 78 mm

Aesthetic properties of windows and doors
We offer a broad range of colors and possibilities. We coat our products with harmless, air permeable paint allowing the products “breath” and protecting timber against atmospheric impact. A variety of colors, from a natural varnish to different colors applied inside and outside of the products. We use the following methods of painting for our products:
• varnishing and staining of both sides
• varnishing of one side and painting of the other
• painting on both sides with the same color
• painting with different colors

Colors in accordance with RAL color chart:

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