Sliding doors

Sliding doors are fairly rapidly gaining its popularity. They can be made of uPVC, timber and aluminum. Sliding doors are not only convenient but also beneficial and durable. Thanks to rigid structure we can manufacture large doors and thus create lighter and cozier home. Sliding doors are advantageous because they save space and therefore they are perfect in small premises. Such doors are easy to open and close and slide quietly. The doors offered by our company can be adapted both for exit to terrace, balcony or inner yard and for separation of indoor premises. Thanks to a broad range of colours sliding systems can be adapted to windows, doors or other exterior and interior elements.

Sliding doors are perfect for those who want to implement nonstandard solutions by separating large spaces, i.e. exits to terrace, balcony, garden or simply indoor premises. They are used everywhere where a panoramic exit is needed. These doors can be mounted both in newly built and renovated buildings. Sliding doors are characterized not only by good thermal and soundproofing insulating properties but also are very airtight and watertight.


  • Space-saving doors;

  • Easily sliding;

  • Automatic control can be selected.


  • Lockable from indoors or outdoors;

  • A two-sided handle can be chosen.


  • The system is resistant to rain, wind and cold.

uPVC sliding doors

Glazing of large areas intended to ensure a greater light penetration to premises is currently gaining its popularity. Thanks to eminently rigid reinforcement, thick glasses and a wide uPVC profile used in manufacture we can manufacture uPVC sliding systems with a width of up to 3 meters and a height of 2,5 meters without using any crossbars. Sliding uPVC doors will bring modernity and convenience to your home. It is an ideal solution for glazing of wide openings because uPVC sliding systems retain heat and are tight, and installed water drainage quickly and easily remove a condensate. You can choose between manually or automatically openable uPVC sliding doors. An automatic system is mostly used in large doors to ensure a convenient and durable door operation. Thanks to a broad colour range sliding systems can be adapted to windows, doors or other building design elements.

Sliding doors made of timber

Turn-up sliding terrace doors made of timber are an exclusive product for those who love naturalness. Thanks to a sliding system made of timber more light will penetrate to your accommodation and the system will provide more space and unlimited opportunities of building facade design. It will also provide comfort and warmth. The terrace doors of this type are ideal in small premises with a limited space. A natural timber “breaths” and therefore prevents accumulation of condensate. Thanks to technical properties of timber frame these doors are tight and heat-efficient. We manufacture sliding systems made of timber of various sizes. You can order even very large systems with a size of up to 2500×4000 mm. Thanks to them you will create an exclusive home design.

Sliding systems made of aluminum

Balcony glazing with framed systems of aluminum profiles is a comfortable, durable and convenient method of glazing of balconies in blocks of flats and private houses. Aluminum glazing is also broadly used in terraces and enlargements of private houses to expand a space. Structures made of aluminum are modern, elegant, durable and convenient.

Profiles of aluminum systems do not require additional maintenance because they are dyed with a powder dye. For this reason you will not need to dye them once again in the future. Such glazing is resistant to weather changes because properties of aluminum remain the same and it does not deform even when exposed to cold and heat.

Aluminum sliding doors are especially popular in commercial premises, stores and offices. They are increasingly used in structures of terraces and glass partitions of private houses.

Aluminum sliding doors are very firm. Therefore they are perfect for the most pretentious projects.

We offer automatic aluminum sliding doors that are designed for stores and shopping centers. They open in response to an obstacle and the door opening width depends on a number of people passing through the doors.

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