Aluminum windows

Aluminum profile products of our company (windows, doors, glass-cases, winter gardens, partitions and structures) are popular both in Lithuania and abroad. We manufacture our products using profile systems of such reliable companies as Reynaers Aliuminium, Aluprof, Sapa:.
Forasmuch our aluminum windows and glass-cases are stable, durable and suitable for the most pretentious projects they are usually used in commercial, industrial and public objects. Aluminum frames are suitable for manufacture of large windows and for mounting of highly stable structures. Aluminum windows are durable and therefore can be used up to 80 years. Thanks to aluminum structures buildings look both modern and portly. Whereas there is a possibility to choose from a variety of colors for their structures from Rall color chart the customers will be able to implement the most pretentious interior and exterior projects. Thanks to optimum size of the structures the customers can enjoy a maximum flush of light.

When choosing aluminum products it is important to know that according to their intended use windows, doors, glass-cases are made from cold and warm aluminum profile. Previously it was widely accepted that aluminum products are cold and that condensate accumulates on them. But it is not true. Cold aluminum is perfect for interior products, i.e. partitions, interior doors, indoor glass-cases. Warm aluminum is perfect for windows, exterior doors, facades, winter gardens and glass-cases that separate inside and outside parts of the building. Insulating uPVC inserts used in warm aluminum profiles makes it possible to produce the products characterized by high thermal insulation properties.

Aluminum sliding systems

Balcony glazing with frame aluminum profile systems is a convenient, durable and practical way of glazing of balconies of blocks of flats and private houses. Aluminum glazing is also widely used in terraces and outhouses of private houses in order to extend their space.
Aluminum structures are characterized as modern, elegant and practical. Aluminum sliding systems are easy to clean because the sliding parts can be removed and after cleaning they can be inserted back to their position. Profiles of aluminum systems do not require additional maintenance because they are dyed with a powder dye. For this reason you will not need to dye them once again in the future. Such glazing is resistant to weather changes because properties of aluminum remain the same and it does not deform even when exposed to cold and heat.
A possibility to enjoy an open space and to preserve a free space at the same time because the glazed frames can slide horizontally in both directions is the biggest advantage of sliding systems in glazed balconies and loggias.

Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are often used in commercial and industrial premises because:
• They are light. This ensures a frequent opening without failures and hinge wear.
• Such doors are durable because they do not deform, are resistant to scratches, impacts and corrosion.
• They are resistant to environmental impacts and temperature fluctuations, they are convenient to maintain and clean, and do not corrode.
• The doors are safe and solid. They are hard to damage. The locks mounted in the doors guarantee the maximum safety.
• The doors are modern because thanks to a wide variety of colors they can be turned into an exceptional element of interior.

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