Plastic glazing of balconies

Whereas the prices of energy resources are rising more and more people are striving to save as more thermal energy as possible. This issue has become particularly relevant for people living in blocks of flats. Heat-retaining uPVC windows are one of the most important methods of energy saving. Through many years of practice we learned that uPVC windows mounted in flats are perfect for those who want to save a significant amount of money during a cold season. uPVC glazed balconies are a great way to save a heat and serve as protection against rainfall and thieves. Since glazed balconies are protected against environmental impact they are always clean and tidy. A uPVC glazing of balconies are aesthetic. They can be used as an extra space for various needs. In order to create a uniform facade of a block of flats usually a white uPVC is used for exterior glazing of balconies. But faddy customers can choose from colored frames for interior glazing. Thus glazing can be adapted to the interior to create a particularly cozy and nice environment.
uPVC glazing of balconies is characterized by functionality and a variety of mounting options. The customers can choose a desired partition of window glazing, direction of opening and closing and from options of ventilation. Double-glazing units or triple-glazing units with selective glasses that reduce heat losses can be used for balcony glazing. Glasses used in the balcony windows can be opaque, brown or gray tinted, specular or patterned. This allows the customers to implement various interior solutions.

For safety reasons various accessories can be mounted in the balcony windows:
• Anti-housebreaking bindings that prevent removal of the door panels.
• Lockable handles serve as protection against thieves and children’s injuries and accidents.
• Opening stoppers also serve as protection against children’s injuries and accidents because they prevent a full window opening.
Our skilled personnel can glaze:
• balconies of various shapes (straight, angular, oval);
• balconies of various sizes (long, glazing at half height or glazing to the ground level);
• can mount outdoor and indoor windowsills;
• can obturate and prime cavities in the balcony;
• renovate the lower partitions of balconies;
• perform works of sealing.

In order to expand their flats the customers often remove a partition between a room and a balcony. In cases where the lower partition of a balcony is significantly rundown and is unsafe for use we offer glazing of balconies to the ground level, i.e. our professionals remove the lower partition of the block and glaze a balcony from the bottom to the top. uPVC balcony glazing is heat-retaining, it provides a good soundproofing and therefore makes the home spacious, warm and cozy.

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