Aluminum sliding systems

Balcony glazing with a framed system of aluminum profiles is a convenient, durable and practical method for glazing of balconies of blocks of flats and private houses. Aluminum glazing is also broadly used in terraces of private houses and outhouses of private houses in order to extend their space.
Aluminum structures are characterized as modern, elegant and practical. Aluminum sliding systems are easy to clean because the sliding parts can be removed and after cleaning they can be inserted back to their position. Profiles of aluminum systems do not require additional maintenance because they are dyed with a powder dye. For this reason you will not need to dye them once again in the future. Such glazing is resistant to weather changes because properties of aluminum remain the same and it does not deform even when exposed to cold and heat.
A possibility to enjoy an open space and to preserve a free space at the same time because the glazed frames can slide horizontally in both directions is the biggest advantage of sliding systems in glazed balconies and loggias.

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