Armored exterior doors

We offer one of the most effective ways to protect the house from cold and thieves – armored entrance door. Our company has accumulated many years of experience in in production exterior doors, so it can satisfy a variety of customer needs.

Exterior doors are manufactured individually by ordering size, and the design and safety class uses the same client.

Outside the door to are producing of metal or just the selected panels. We integrate the desired type of glass and other accessories. All exterior doors insulated with mineral wool, and who wants warmer the door ,can offer wooden doorposts, thicker the sash, which makes it possible to avoid cold bridges.

Metal doors and doorposts are made of metal sheet metal flanges, powder painted in any RAL color pallete,What protection from corrosion. These doors fits anywhere: both in private homes or auxiliary premises and commercial objects. They can be with or without glass, and locks are supplied on demand. We also produce large metal doors for garages, staircases, commercial premises and other objects.

Who is looking for luxurious door, we offer armored doors with panels,which retains the same security, but decorating your home much more. Such doors can be manufactured with a special moisture-resistant panel, which can be used in natural color or painted in any RAL color, and on its pressured any widgets. Such doors can be made with letters, glass, one or two locks. It’s a great and fairly economical solution to decorate the house posh doors.

Another way to produce beautiful, durable environmental impact of the door, is the use of okoumé panels. They come from the okoumé – tree growing in Africa, where the timber has durability and is widely used in production ships. These boards are specially prepared: impregnated, primed, lacquered, which gives high weather resistance. These panels are made doors, a great choice for those who like naturalness and security, because they look like wood, but security remains as a metal. Writings and color selection allows customers to implement even whimsical design needs.

Of coated door color RAL palette

Oukome color palette

Armored door widgets

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