Heat-retaining glazing unit

Ninety percent of thermal properties of window depend on glazing unit. The better is resistance of glazing unit the bigger is heat efficiency of the window. When selecting windows it is necessary to know that thermal and soundproofing properties of glazing unit depend not only on a glass type and number but also on gaps between them and technology of their filling. Thermal insulation properties of windows deteriorate over time. Therefore during window renovation our company often changes glazing units. For this reason we manufacture double-glaze and triple-glazed glazing units with various thickness and size. We can adapt glazing units both to new and old type windows. Glazing units are manufactured of glass sheets interconnected with heat-retaining frames made of aluminum or uPVC. The internal glass is coated with a special coating of metal oxides that retains up to 70% of heat. Such glass is called a selective glass. Research revealed that thermal insulation properties of selective glasses improve up to 2,5 times. Thermal properties and durability of glazing units strongly depend on gaps in glass filling material and technology. Base on research glazing units filled with argon gas are approximately 25% more heat-efficient and their life elongates even up to 5 years.

A value of heat transfer coefficient of windows manufactured by our company is 1.0 W/m2K. But 3 glasses and heat-retaining frame reduce heat transfer coefficient up to 0,5 W/m2K. The smaller is this index the better are thermal properties of glazing unit and the window. Heat retaining is not the only function of glazing units. A special construction of glasses will ensure protection against noise, UV rays and direct solar radiation, thieves and a convenient window cleaning.

Even standard glazing units ensure a significantly better soundproofing insulation when compared to ordinary glasses. But in cases when windows will be used in special environments we recommend that you install triple-glazed units, to integrate thicker glasses with a thickness of 6 mm and even glasses coated with a special soundproofing insulation.

Glazing units with an external selective glass are excellent option to prevent UV rays and direct solar radiation. It is one of the simplest ways of premises protection against heating. If windows will be used in special environments we recommend that you install gray or brown-toned, mirror, solar control, corrugated and opaque glasses.

Safety can be ensured by installing laminated glasses or by molding a grid in the glazing unit. Such glazing units are resistant to breaking, a damaged glass does not break into pieces and separate fragments are kept from falling by a firm elastic film.

A tempered glass is a perfect protection against accidents. It is mostly used in large glass-cases or other products containing a lot of glass. Such glass breaks into small fragments leading to a reduced chance of injury.

Since a quality glass is used in manufacture of glazing units, it is much easier and convenient to clean windows with glazing units. We offer self-cleaning glasses HYDRO to the customers who install windows at height or in hard to reach areas. Thanks to manufacturing technologies of such glasses a specific anti-static charge is created that prevents adhesion of dust and such glasses are simply washed by rain. We can integrate glasses of various pattern and shades in our glazing units. Opaque, transparent or brownish ornamented glasses are often used in bathrooms, baths or doors.

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