Balcony glazing to the ground level

Very often a lower part of balconies of block of flats is rundown and unsafe to use. We have solution for this problem. Our specialists remove a lower part of balcony railing and glaze a balcony from the ground level to its top. We also offer this method of glazing for customers who want to look exclusively and to expand a space of their flat. Such glazing of balconies is aesthetic, spacious and warm. This solution is suitable for those who need good sound insulation. The solution allows expansion of the room space and can be used as terrace or winter gardens for orangery.

There are the following types of glazing to the ground level:

Aluminum sliding balcony glazing is modern, aesthetic, durable, convenient to use and safe (we also offer lockup solutions).
Significantly warmer than aluminum, plastic or wooden glazing. According to the price-quality ratio of the best choice – plastic glazing balconies because they are strong, durable, energy-saving, isolate the sound and is inexpensive.
We offer timber glazing for those who love naturalness. Such products are stable, good-looking, heat-retaining but much more expensive.
Glazing to the ground level is perfect not only in balconies and loggias of block of flats but also in terraces, tambours and outhouses of private houses and commercial premises.

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