Universal doors

Our company has extensive experience in the field of manufacture of doors. We offer multifunctional doors made of steel. These high-security soundproofing doors are universal and provide protection against fire and smoke. The doors made of steel are lightweight and therefore are perfect in the environments where durability is required, i.e. cottages and blocks of flats, in industry, construction, agriculture, public houses, hospitals, office rooms, SPA premises, gyms or even in private homes. The standard doors are brown, white or greyish. But we offer a broad range of other colours from RAL chart. The customers can also choose decorative surfaces of imitation wood. These doors can be manufactured with or without glass. The interior doors are dyed with powder dye of white-grey colour in accordance with RAL 9002. These doors are manufactured of a galvanized steel tin with anti-corrosion coating. Therefore they do not rust and can be installed in unheated or damp premises. A hinged part is filled with a porous cardboard that ensures stability of the doors. The exterior doors are dyed with powder dye. A hinged part is insulated with a rock wool and is made of a galvanized tin with anti-corrosion coating to ensure durability of the doors. The storeroom doors are manufactured of a steel tin. It is a stable product for a competitive price. These doors are often used in auxiliary premises, cellars, industrial and commercial objects.

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