Glassy tambour at home

A tambour is a zone near the house access doors. It is not only an excellent architectural element but also a convenient solution. A tambour increases a space of house entrance and reduces heat losses. Thanks to this enlargement the house access doors are additionally protected both against thieves and environmental effects. A tambour improves the door operating conditions. The protected door remains stable and tight, does not rust and fade, and their life significantly elongates.
We offer uPVC glass-case structures with plastic doors for installation of tambours. It is one of the most reliable ways to ensure functionality of house entrance. Tambours made of uPVC systems are stable, safe and heat-efficient, and uPVC doors are stable, safe and resistant to environmental effects. Thanks to solidity of colour range of uPVC profiles a tambour colour can be easily adapted to uPVC windows. Glass entrances are broadly use in commercial premises where we can install structures made of aluminum or uPVC depending on the premises purpose.

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