Passive windows

Rising prices of energy resources led to an increasing emphasis on construction of passive houses. Based on calculations pay-off of investment to a passive house occurs already within the first 10 years. Therefore, more and more customers are interested in windows of a passive house. Such windows are characterised by a high level of thermal resistance, i.e. the rate of heat loss is significantly lower compared to ordinary windows. In order to permanently reduce heating costs passive windows can be mounted both in a new and renovation construction.
Passive windows ensure a maximum thermal, wind and sound insulation. Our windows made of a lead-free six-chambered VEKA ALPHALINE PLUS profile with a total width of a casing and a panel of up to 118 mm meet the requirements of passive windows. The German concern VEKA is an exclusive manufacturer of this profile. The products and brands of the concern are recognized worldwide. The company was awarded and recognized as the most innovative manufacturer of window profiles. It received award for the profile VEKA ALPHALINE PLUS that was acknowledged as an innovative construction product. In terms of their technical properties windows of this profile correspond to class A. Thanks to a special set of equipment and solutions it is possible to achieve a thermal resistance of even U = 0,64 W/m2K.

The following aspects guarantee particularly good thermal properties of VEKA ALPHALINE PLUS windows:

A thermal module is integrated in a six-chambered profile with a thickness of 90 mm and inserted into the largest frame chamber. A thermal module is a polystyrene filler that increases a thermal factor of a window by a value point of 0.1 U.
An opportunity to integrate triple glazed units with a thickness of up to 50 mm. Two selective glasses and heat-retentive thermal frames ensure even better thermal properties of windows.
Three resilient and durable gaskets integrated in the window profile over a whole perimeter ensure the maximum tightness of windows.

The following aspects ensure rigidity of windows:

Windows are manufactured of a six-chambered profile with a thickness of 90 mm that is manufactured of unprocessed plastic. The profile walls with a thickness of 3 mm prevent deformation and heat loss.

A square 1.75 mm steel reinforcement with a double folding wall used in the profile guarantees a rigidity of window systems and an opportunity to manufacture large structures.

The following aspects ensure durability of windows:

A VEKA ALPHALINE profile is manufactured of unprocessed plastic. Therefore, it meets the highest performance standards. To ensure a long-term resistance of a colour to environmental effects it is applied during the manufacture process.
We use exclusively fittings of well-known and reliable manufacturers (WINK HAUS, ROTO FRANK, SIEGENIA AUBI) because only properly installed and rigid fittings ensure tightness and irreproachable use of windows.

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