Special purpose doors

For safety reasons and in order to protect the building we recommend to install fire-door in boiler rooms or other rooms where stocks of fuel or lubricants are stored.
Our company offers you fire-door, which is fire proof and does not allow the fire to spread in the internal facilities. The door, over its entire width, is covered with fire material, which reaches even the hinges.
We can manufacture different size doors with two-hinges or one-hinge, blind or glazed. Fire doors are manufactured using galvanized tin, which guarantees durability, and are covered with high quality powder coating, the color of which can be selected from RAL palette. The fire doors that we offer are especially suitable when strict fire safety requirement are applied. The doors are certified in Lithuania and conform to the LST (Lithuanian Standards Board) requirements as well as fire resistance class EI 30 and EI 60. The doors are fitted with special hinges, lock, special handles and fire gasket. We can also offer a door closer, which ensures a silent closure of the door. Fire doors will ensure reliable protection against smoke and fire.

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