Skylights is a great option in the environments where it is impossible to install vertical windows. More light and heat will penetrate through them. The installed skylights are an excellent solution for aesthetic design of building. Even 40% more light can penetrate indoors through skylights when compared to vertical windows. Therefore there perfectly serve as additional source of light.

We recommend that you install more windows in larger premises or to interconnect them. We also recommend a new and especially modern solution, i.e. a two-paneled window or a complex system. Thus you will create a small balcony in the attic. Skylights not only make premises look nice but also are heat-efficient and convenient to use. Thanks to gaskets installed in the roof slope skylights are tight. For this reason they can be properly installed, they are moisture-proof and protect against snow and wind. Various types of gaskets can be used to connect windows with various roofing: both corrugated and flat. Due to integrated selective glass our skylights are energy-efficient. Such glass retains up to 70% of heat. Thanks to a special construction of skylights an index of even 0,58W/m2K can be achieved. It is the most heat-efficient windows in the market.

The customers who wish to install a skylight must choose the right side, i.e. the side lid by sun light. A golden light will penetrate through skylights oriented to the eastern and western side during appropriate daytime. A very intense light will penetrate through windows oriented to the southern side. Skylights oriented to the northern side will provide a cool, gentle and non-dazzling light.

Advantages of skylights:


  • Impression of a large space;

  • Aesthetic design of building;

  • Additional source of light;

  • Warmer home;

  • Better ventilation options.

Timber skylights

We offer timber skylights manufactured of highest quality pine timber, glued in layers and impregnated in vacuum. A timber is twice varnished with organic acrylic varnish and has a reinforced structure. You can choose turn-up electrically controlled highly energy-efficient skylights of increased resistance to moisture and breaking. Such windows have a lifted axis of opening.

uPVC skylights

We also offer uPVC skylights of aesthetic round profile that are resistant to temperature change and moisture. It is a new product in the market that is especially competitive due to its thermal properties and durability. These skylights stand out from among other skylights by a competitive price, convenience, aesthetic appearance, color range.

You can choose from several colours of these skylights:

uPVC skylights are openable in three positions. Their fittings ensure a stable window opening and closing.

Skylights of cornice type

We recommend windows of cornice type to the customers who wish to install them in special environments. Such windows are installed in a vertical wall and are connected with a skylight. Thus you will create an original roof extension and an impressive light flux.

You can order thermally insulated exit windows and hatches. Their main function is to ensure a convenient and safe access on the roof.

We also offer various window accessories for protection, control and installation. We manufacture louver, roller blinds, nets, external roller blinds, sun-blinds for skylights.

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