Central key system

General key system

The general key system may be included on various types of standard locks, attached locks, padlocks, locks of different equipment, locks for furniture etc. Therefore, the object can lock all the doors, hatches, covers, gates, gate, closet cabinets, drawers, etc.

Serial locking of general key – when the General key “command” basic keys, serial key. One general key unlocks absolutely all systems belonging to the lock cylinder, at the same time separate premises users can unlock only them under the door.

Use: office space, shopping centers, industrial companies, etc. The system consists of the combination of the system described.

Locking options


Individual locking

This system does not lock. Each lock has a key.


General locking

When one of the keys to unlock all locks.


Central locking

when one of the central lock can be unlocked by different keys (general premises).

ABLOY lock 2

 Serial locking of primary key

When each lock has individual key, but all of them can unlock one of the main key.

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