The doors of Scandinavian type

Our company offers the doors of Scandinavian type made of solid timber. They will look luxurious and will be guarantee warmth and comfort of your home. We manufacture the doors of carefully selected and certified glued timber because it is the most important criterion of quality. And ISO 9001 certificate guarantees a strict control of product quality. The products made of glued timber are well protected against sliding and deformation. To ensure a high resistance to deformation we use a three-layered glued beam. Therefore our products do not tend to bend and crack over time, even when installed in the structures exposed to very heavy load. We store timber in well ventilated, dry premises because exposure to excessively high humidity results in deterioration of timber quality and durability of its products. To ensure a smooth door operation in manufacture of our products we use binding and fittings of reputed German manufacturers only. It is important to integrate adjustable hinges in the doors because when the doors deform they can be easily adjusted. To ensure resistance to environmental effects and durability the doors are varnished or dyed in all colors from RAL chart. The doors can be supplied with locks or other door accessories in accordance with the customer needs.

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