Glazing of terraces

The outdoor terrace is one of the most important elements of home to ensure comfort. Enjoy the rest of your home on the terrace likes everyone. However, our country’s unpredictable weather often these moments ruined. So we offer a great solution – terraces glazing, which can be glazed:

  • The frame systems for aluminum, which is robust presentable, durable. Aluminum sliding system of protection against the rain or wind, while the telescoping sliding allows to enjoy the fresh air. It is the perfect solution not only for individual houses or outbuildings terraces, but also cafes and restaurants.
  • Plastic window system, which significantly improves thermal and sound household properties. Such terraces can rest even during the cold season.
  • Wooden frame sunroom has a distinctive, very in tune to the log home or a retro-style interior is very warm and well ventilated.

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