Winter gardens

It would be nice to have a real green garden in own home all year round. Winter gardens are a perfect solution for this. Their constructions consist of mounting profiles and glazing units.
A winter garden is usually attached to a built house. It turns the house into light, cozy and warm place. Sometimes winter gardens are constructed as separate structures for a rest area where greenhouses, swimming pools and other entertainment are equipped. Winter gardens are manufactured of aluminum, uPVC and timber.
Winter gardens made of aluminum are the most stable and most popular in the market. Aluminum constructions allow implementation of the most complex solutions. uPVC winter gardens are fairly stable and heat-efficient and are sold for the most affordable price. They can be used in combination with aluminum structures.

Winter gardens made of timber are characterized by stability and unique aesthetic appearance. But they are made of more expensive materials and therefore their installation is significantly more expensive compared to winter gardens made of uPVC and aluminum.
When installing a winter garden it is necessary to note that safety of glasses plays a very important role. We offer tempered or safe laminated glasses. We recommend that you choose double-glazed or triple-glazed glazing units because plants need light. To prevent plants against sizzling hot we recommend that you install outdoors louver or roller blinds.
A proper roof slope is a very important aspect in installation of winter garden because a too low slope can result in accumulation of condensate and water leaking. Skylights should be also installed in the roof because plants often release water vapor and therefore frequent ventilation is essential.

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