Armoured flat doors

Do you need new armoured flat doors? We can offer a perfect solution for you! Our company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacture of armoured doors. We offer flat doors at very competitive prices. Armoured flat doors are very popular because they are safe, aesthetic and heat–retaining. And because they can be acquired at a reasonable price. These doors are characterised not only as exceptionally strong and secure but also as an attractive product. The door construction consisting of square metal tubes and 1,5-2 mm steel sheets is covered with cladding panels, plinths and interior trim. Therefore it is hard to believe that a stable protection is hidden underneath. We can manufacture the doors without any pattern, made of imitation wood panels or pressed wood dust panels of desired colour and a pattern and covered with a protective uPVC film. We understand that safety is the most important feature of the door. For this reason we recommend that you integrate high security locks of such Italian manufacturers as Securemme,  Iseo, Fiam, Mottura and Scandinavian manufacturers as Assa, Dorma. For your convenience safe or small keys can be used for locking of integrated locks. You can also choose to lock both locks with one key. Whimsical customers can choose especially safe locks with magnetic keys, such as Mottura Champions or Multi lock. Taking into account the customer needs we can offer various accessories of armoured doors, such as indoor spinning shutters, opening stoppers, stainless steel doorsills, peepholes of various types.

We guarantee thermal and soundproofing insulation because we use a mineral wool for insulation of a whole door panel. If necessary we can insulate door jambs and affix additional gaskets.
Our company has many years of experience in manufacture and installation of doors. Therefore we can supply doors in accordance with the needs and money spending potential of our customers. High-security locks and special reinforcement will ensure a reliable anti-theft protection and a metal external sheet helps prevent fire. Our company provides guarantee for its doors and locks and guarantee and post-guarantee service. Therefore there is no need for the customers to worry about safety, accidents and breakdowns.
In event of door blockage or if the customer has lost his keys we react without delay and urgently open and repair doors, change locks.

Colours of armoured doors

Patterns of armoured doors

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