Thermal insulation of buildings biowool

Why it is worth to insulate biowool?

  • You save a lot of money for heating because of the tightness termovatos particularly effectively retained heat;
  • Biovata represent a very good sound insulation;
  • It saves time, because the surface finishing materials can be applied immediately after the insulation;
  • You can insulate even in hard to reach areas;
  • Insulation of Biovata, no insulating sheet (except for higher humidity, pvz.baseinus, laundry facilities, room, etc.);
  • Insulation work is going very fast (50-100 sqm per hour).

For heating to pay even less than now ??? - 00:30 to € / m2

1) Make a Thermovisual home picture to tightly insulate the required building.

2) Put the heat home – Seal house ceilings and roof. Do not let the cold air inside – hermetically insulate floors, walls.

3) For home insulation select only Biovata – tight the thermal insulation technology. The house not only live in warmer, but will save money on heating.

This is the latest tight the thermal insulation material that assures a complete insulated structural tightness and excellent thermal resistance. Warming Biovata ensures that seal any cracks of the house and go out the warm air will not enter cold.

Special equipment on the surface of the thermal insulation material is sprayed within 3-5 seconds, it expands up to 120 times, forming a soft warm, elastic and tight white termovatos layer.

Special equipment on the surface of the thermal insulation sprayed the thermal insulation material, which expands over 3-5 seconds up to a hundred times, forming a soft, elastic and tight white Biovata termovatos layerinsulated stick to all surfaces, fills all the cracks and form a sealed and warm layer that protects the building not only on the warm air leaks through the constructions, but also on the heat loss due to turbulent.
Within one hour can be 50-100 m² surface is thermally insulated (warmed even the most difficult to reach places) – insulation takes place at least 30 times faster than with other technologies, and insulated from the surface can be covered immediately finishing materials.

Most of the of heat is removed from the building through leaking sBiovata places. Biovata takes warm air leakage through the insulated structure and keeps this feature even deformation building. Biovata sBiovata sprayed directly onto the surface of the inner side (from below).

Through cracks in the walls warm air is removed from the premises, in addition, because of the low thermal resistance of enclosure design gives warmth in cold ‘s external air or to external structures.


Important! Bearing walls from the inside insulation is recommended not thicker than 5 cm thick layer Biovata termovatos and only when it is not possible to insulate from the outside.