Emergency Door Unlocking, emergency opening;

Call the whole day on the phone 8 656 47416

Emergency door unlock all day all night – reacts quickly!

  • Quickly and professionally we unlock all types of doors without damaging them and replace defective locks.
  • Unlock cars.
  • We replace or install a supplementary locks in the all doors. Also we are updating the door, changing the plates.
  • We perform various types of windows, doors and gates repair and renovation.

What it is important to know before calling to master.

Jammed doors,or the loss of a key importance not only to unlock the locks, but also maintain healthy the door. Our professional employees unlock any lock without prejudice to the door . Performing works always inform the client about the progress of work and results, so you save time and money.
If you lose the keys, we change cylinders or converts locks,we multiply key by card code.