Roller blinds

More and more often traditional curtains are replaced with modern and contemporary roller blinds. Professionally made and installed roller blinds effortlessly slide up and down at the window glass. The guiding strips glued to the glass strip ensure a required fabric clinging to the window.“Langė” store offers the broadest range of roller blind fabrics. If you unable to arrive to the store we will deliver the catalogues or arrange everything online by sending photos and videos.
You can choose roller blinds from a broad chart of fabric patterns, colours and shades, a variety of mechanisms, roller blinds for all types of windows, walls and ceiling. In case of hinged windows a fabric of roller blinds remains clinged to the glass. In order to adapt a roller blind for use in humid premises the customers can choose from specific types of fabric. Roller blinds can be cleaned from top-down and bottom-up. Roller blinds are used for blinding of dwelling premises, blocking of solar heat (rays), in offices, bathrooms and kitchen. Characterful roller blinds can be used for interior exhilaration thus creating more considerable comfort at your home.

The customers choosing roller blinds of “Langė” will have flexibly opportunities to acquire roller blinds specially manufactured for their windows. For this reason such roller blinds will ideally fit windows of any size.
You will be satisfied with high-quality products. The company uses only quality materials in manufacture of its products. Therefore they are durable. Our personnel will take the gauge of windows and will mount roller blinds. Moreover, our professionals communicate directly with the manufacturing department. Therefore you will avoid whatever problems. And the most important, you will acquire roller blinds at a very good price.

Roller blinds “day and night”

Roller blinds “day-and-night” are made of a double-layer material and can be easily adapted to each window. They allow a maximum adjustment of indoor illumination in accordance with your needs. By pulling a chainlet you can roll or unroll the material. You can also adjust indoor illumination without unveiling window. By pulling a chainlet you will change overlap of material slips. And thus as much light will enter the room as you need. It is especially stylish and convenient solution.
Advantages of “day-an-night” roller blinds:
• Smoothly adjustable by opening and closing or by changing overlap pf strips.
• Roller blinds can be fixed in any position.
• Control mechanisms of various colors, textures and types are used.
• Possible ways of mounting: on the wall above window, at the window frame, at the ceiling above window or can be mounted in window strip with the guiding strips.
• Roller blinds are controlled with a chainlet.
• An area of roller blind – up to 1,9 m, the height – up to 2m* depending on the type of mechanism selected.
• You can choose from a range of more than 30 different fabrics (we constantly replenish the range).

Protection blinds

It is very important to have a safe home. We offer a perfect solution for your dwelling or office, i.e. a protective louver. You can choose the most convenient way of louver control and protect even the premises with large windows or doors. Therefore we guarantee convenience.
Anti-housebreaking systems of protective louver can be used for the windows, doors and garage gates of built houses. They are made of organic materials or aluminum, and can be controlled with a motor. It is energy-efficient and therefore does not waste an energy required for indoor heating or cooling. We offer a broad choice of louver shades for a standard price and terms of manufacture.
A protective louver is electrically adjustable (with a remote control, a special switch, stopwatch, etc.), with a rope (from inside) and manually (with a lock that can be locked from outside). A protective louver can be fixed in any position.

Vertical louvres

A vertical louver is highly beneficial when you have very large or custom shape windows and need to cover them. We offer a vertical louver with a width of 89 mm, 127 mm and 250 mm. You can mount it on non-openable window frame, in the niche, on the niche (at the wall) or at the ceiling.

In order to revitalize the room interior, combinations of strips of several different colours or shades of the same fabric can be used. A vertical louver not only prevents penetration of solar rays to the building but also can be used for separation of the room parts.
You can also choose a corded vertical louver. It is made in the same way as a vertical louver. The strips of this louver are made of thin braids. A corded louvre guarantees a convenient management of the light entry to the room. This louver will create a playful effect in the room because we offer an opportunity of matching of strips of various colours. The louver strips of several shades that perfectly match the room interior can dominate in one louver.

Horizontal louvres

A horizontal louver is an example of classics, convenience and functionality. Thanks to the louver you can control the light flux regardless of whether your windows are made of timber, uPVC or aluminum. Such louver perfectly supplements the interior without large investment. A horizontal louver can be easily adapted in the flat or private house, commercial office and industrial premises. It is mounted on the window, wall or ceiling. A variety of colours and manufacturing materials, than can be found in our stores, make a horizontal louver look aesthetic. Our horizontal louver can be used to supplement both modern and classic interior. The louver is durable. Aluminum is extremely lightweight and durable material used to manufacture a horizontal louver. A horizontal louver is damp-proof. Moreover, it does not fade when exposed to sunlight, does not corrode. Thus, you can enjoy a convenient window curtain for many years. By the way, it is extremely easy to operate such window curtain manually (by a handle, a rope or a chainlet) or electrically.

Advantages of a horizontal louver:
• Reflects solar rays and heat
• Helps to conveniently adjust indoor illumination
• Elegant, decorative appearance
• Durable
• Convenient use and maintenance
• Low price
Such horizontal louver is perfect for skylights. Then is it is fixed using strings and moves together with the window. The louver can be controlled automatically with a switch or with a remote control.

The pleated louvres

A fabric of a pleated louver drops top-down. The ropes are fastened directly to the glass strips. The louver can be lifted, lowered and fixed at a desired height. It maintains a stable shape and is convenient to maintain. The louver can be sewn from various fabrics.
Advantages of a pleated louver:
• the louver is perfect for skylights, winter gardens;
• the louver can be lifted, lowered and fixed at a desired height;
• a special profile is mounted on the top of the louver;
• the louver cab be controlled manually or automatically;
• maintains a stable shape and is convenient to maintain.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds is a type of curtain that forms paniers when lifted. Every customer will choose from a broad range a fabric pattern, colour or shade that most closely matches his home interior. Roman blinds can be adapted to all types of windows, walls and ceiling. In case of hinged windows we recommend that you fasten roman blinds above the niche or to choose roller blinds made from the same fabric.
Depending on the fabric selected roman blind can be used for:
• Room blinding;
• Privacy;
• As the interior component.


Protective mosquito net for windows and doors is the leading-edge solution of these days ensuring an effective protection against mosquitos, flies and other insects. Modern mosquito nets are convenient, 100% effective and almost invisible.
The net is designed to prevent mosquito penetration through windows and doors. If made of anti-allergic fabric the net can ensure protection both against penetration of insects and pollen to the room and can reduce indoor allergen concentration. The construction is made from aluminum. It is resistant to corrosion and durable. Thanks to the net fixed to the window the room door can be kept open. Insects will no-how penetrate the room and its air will remain fresh.
Mosquito nets can be easily adapted to windows and doors of various shapes and types, i.e. made of uPVC, timber, aluminum. All nets are fastened from the indoor side. Such way of mounting is convenient for people living in the upper floors. There are various types of the nets. Therefore when properly selected they do not interfere with the normal use of windows and doors.

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