Wooden doors

Doors open and close outside or inside and pushed.

We glazed door two or three glass units with selective glazing, 68 and 78 mm frame.

We would like to point out that also produce a bulky sliding systems up to 4000×2500 mm.

Window and door thermal properties:

About 60% window of the thermal properties determines the glass unit, because the window occupies most of the area, so it is important to use thicker glass packages. In order to improve the thermal window through ratio,integrating triple-pane windows bold window frames and sashes.

Package 2 glasses (24 mm)
4-16-4*PU ( U value 1.1 )
Package 3 glasses (36 mm)
4*PU-14-4-14*PU (U value 0.6)
Frame thickness The leaf thickness Frame thickness The leaf thickness
Euro window
(Opening inwards)
68 mm 68 mm 78 mm 78 mm
Scandinavian type window
(Opening field)
115 mm 68 mm 115 mm 78 mm
Balcony doors 68 mm 68 mm 78 mm 78 mm
Euro type flipped face up-
sliding doors
68 mm 68 mm 78 mm 78 mm

Window and door aesthetic features:

We offer our customers a wide cloros and range of options. We paint our products harmless, breathable paints, which allows the product to “breathe” and at the same time protects the wood from weathering.

Various color palette, from natural varnish to different colors inside and outside.

We our products to apply the same methods of painting:

  • mutual varnishing and Dipping of
  • one side varnishing and other dyeing of
  • double-sided dyeing of in the same color
  • dyeing of in different colors

Painted in colors according to RAL:

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