Stairwells doors

The best solution to the stairwell door and the door to the basement, metal door, because their essential purpose to protect the entrance of unauthorized persons. Doors from both sides of the coated metal in the in sheets,while internal cavity is filled rock wool and painted powder, to guarantee protection against corrosion.

Standard door color: Brown; White; Grey; Green.

Also paint the door to any selected color according to RAL.

The door can produce both single-leaf and double-leaf, multi-dimensional. Often staircases are producing “pusantrines type door with a small part is fixed, and the majority of pivoting, that provides optimum load door hinges and door operation prolongs.Leafs can be a cell with glass, which can be clear, tinted or mirror can be used to secure glass.

We can offer the stairwell doors installed in code, magnetic or any other of your choice lock. Also we offer door closer, which are extremely relevant to residents of the first floor, as guaranteed by the quiet and gentle door closing.

Colors palette

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